Privacy Policy

We are thankful to you for your trust on us for your digitizing and vectorization needs. Our privacy policy states white and black of our work practices which include the process of collection information and the reason to collect the information while you are using our services.
We hereby also explain the ways in which the data or information of our customers may be mishandled for specific purposes but we assure that we take our customers privacy very seriously and do not sell our business records for any further transactional mean.

Collection of Information

All the information collected by the portal of NK EMB is the property of NK EMB, We assure that nobody has access to our secure portal of data collection. We only have the access to the information which is provided to us by customer as their own will during the registration process with NK EMB.

Use of Information

We use the information for the purpose customer contacts to us. We may further follow up or contact the customer for the service feedback and informing him for available or upcoming services, promotion or packages via call or electronic mail service (Email) also we may keep sending you weekly or monthly newsletter if subscribed if subscribed or unless customer has requested for the explicitly to not to do so. Further we have already mentioned that data and information collected by NK EMB is NOT for Sale to other customers.

Customer’s Rights

Customer reserves the right to instruct us in line to provide him the work the way he wanted from us. Also customer has the right to ask us to inform him with information that we have hold in our database and business records which was shared already while the registration process. Customer can request us to delete his personal data and information from our system and we shall comply with the instructions. Moreover customer can freely ask us to not to contact him or her for any marketing and advertisement campaign as well.

Information Updating

You are requested to keep us updated and share your updated personal and business information including Phone Number, Address and Email if it needs to be updated.

Safety Precautions

We take all necessary precautions of security to prevent any kind of loss, abuse and modification of customer’s personal and confidential information within our records both offline and online. All the information gathered is stored at our secure server and all encrypted to maximize the safety and security of our customer’s information. We never to share your password expect the login process. Keeping the passwords and login information safe and secure is the customer’s responsibility.


We reserve the right to change and update our policy occasionally by issuing a newer version on our website in lieu of the changed within the business and organization environment. You are suggested to keep visiting us time to time for the amendments and updates to make sure you are well aware of the policies.