Digitizing Embroidery

The process of converting Information or any image into digital format is known as digitization. Nowadays, everything is going digital and basic embroidery on the clothes is also not basic these days as people prefer digital work on their clothes and other articles. Digitization of the embroidery is done by Vector artwork. Vector artwork is done by computers using various computer software programs such as Adobe Photoshop; Corel Draw etc. which further have many versions according to the tools enabled in each version. This computerized design is then converted into a stich file and the embroidery machines that are capable of or are programmed to take the instructions from the computer, sew the desired design of the piece of clothing or any other article of cloth.

People like such digitized embroidery to be sewn on various garments such as jackets, Hats, Bags, Gloves, T-Shirts, Caps, and Sleeves etc. This gives a defined look to the piece of cloth as the embroidery is done with a puff. This process is called Puff Digitizing. With the usage of this technique, all the required spaces and shapes between the letters or images is given. Foam in placed under the embroidery machine and over the garment and then embroidery machine sew that design over the cloth with the puff inside the design. This enables the 3D design to be embroidered on the piece of garment.

Digitization is a combination of both science and art. Digitizing the embroidery is a professional process and it converts ordinary design into piece of unique art. Many companies make dresses for their employees and imprint their company’s logo as digitized embroidery on their uniforms. This gives a different touch to their dress code while doing walking advertisement of their company. Many people or communities also like their towels to be embroidered by digital process so they can recognize their towels or many people print their family name on all the towels as it represents that towels belongs to them on a family or friends outing. Other than that people also like to get various other garments such as jackets and caps embroidered with digital process as it gives the clothing a funky and stylish look. Not only this, but people also like small pieces of clothing such as socks, handkerchiefs and gloves with digital embroidery over them as it makes those small things a new look with a quirk. Digitization of embroidery on the garments improves and enhances the overall look of the garment and makes it more predictable to be sold at good price than the ordinary without embroidered garment.

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