Embroidery Patching Design

You all people love to have beautiful things in your life. Like beautiful art and crafts, designs etc. Today you will get to know about one of the beautiful creations of human that have become popular all over the world. The beautiful thing that this article is talking about is embroidery patches. Most of you people probably know what embroidery patches are, but if you don’t know then follow the next paragraph.

What is embroidery patches?

An embroidery patch is a badge like a thing that is beautifully designed and made up of thread and fabric. This is one of the most beautiful, creative and also very useful creations of the human being. It has multiple uses in the world of fashion and designing.

You cannot know about anything present in the world without knowing its history. Likewise to know about the embroidery patches you need to know about the history of embroidery patches. But knowing only the history of the embroidery patches will not help you out to have the proper knowledge about the embroidery patches. You need to know the situation of the embroidery patches in this modern world and how it has helped to increase the business of fabric designs. Now let’s talk about the history of embroidery patches first.

History of embroidery patches

The history of embroidery patches tells that the root of these embroidery patches is based in some Asian and American countries. The countries that witness the history of the embroidery patches are India, Middle East, China, Mediterranean and South America. Nobody knows who the initiative of embroidery patches among these countries is but the trend of making embroidery patches was evolved from these countries within a certain range of time. In that time the embroidery patches were made up my hands. It was a work to pass time for the women of the house. In that time the patches were made upon a piece of fabric. To make the designs they make use of the colourful cotton thread. This beautiful handcraft was limited within the house till it got greater exposure to the world.

After these embroidery patches got popular all over the world this a huge change was made in the world of fashion and technology. People got a new way to execute their talents by making several designs with the thread and a cloth. But this technology required huge time to produce these embroidery patches in huge amount. From this point, the modern world made a new start-up. Keep following the next paragraph to know about the start-up.

Modern aspect of embroidery patches designing

This new start-up was made by few business people who launched a machine that can do the embroidery work very fast and make patches quickly. After this machine beloved, several modifications were done to this machine to make the work more minute and flawless. The idea of making such machine has become successful when the production of these embroidery patches turned into a greater Business all over the world. Now you may find a number of companies who manufacture these patches. After the invention of this machine, a new problem came up with it. The problem was the cotton thread that used to get broken while making the embroidery work to make the patch. To solve this problem the fashion technicians gave birth to a new type of thread that looks like cotton thread but is actually not. This new thread was made up of polyester. That gave the thread a shiner look and also made it stronger. The fashion technologist also made another change in the process of making the embroidery patch. They started using a polyester disk or a hard disk that helps the patch to stay beautiful for longer days. Even this board also helped the patches to not to get twisted and damage the design. These two inventions made the manufacturing of embroidery patches faster and the embroidery patches that are produced with this method are also great in quality.

Now you know that these patches are manufactured in a huge amount. There are several embroidery patch manufacturers all over the world who use the machine to make the embroidery work. But there are few manufacturers who still use the old method for embroidery, the handmade one. They think that the original transition should go on. This is why you may find the people who make the embroidery patches by hands mostly in the regions where this embroidery patches took birth. Since it manufactured in huge amount there are multiple uses of these embroidery patches all over the world. Now let us discuss those uses of the embroidery patches.

Uses of embroidery patches

Primitively the embroidery patches were only made to make designs in the clothes, mostly for women’s clothes. But later when the popularity of these embroidery patches became higher day by day the uses of these patches also get multiple ways. Now, these embroidery patches are used mostly in the uniforms. The army uniform, the police uniform or any other official uniform requires these patches. These embroidery patches work as a logo or batch to the uniform that tells about the identity of the uniform.

How to stick this embroidery patches?

These patches are not directly made upon the clothes or uniforms, these are made separately and later the patches are attached to the clothes. Primitively the patches were attached to any clothes by stitching it to the cloth. But later some different type of fabric glue was used to attach these patches to the cloth. And now these patches are attached to the clothes by pressing it under heat iron. This helps to stick the patch to the cloth for a long time.

You can also make the embroidery patches on your own if you know the stitching technique. Do enjoy these beautiful embroidery patches in your cloth and remember the information provided in this article. This information will help you out to find that whether the embroidery patch is handmade or it is machine made. This will also increase your interest towards having knowledge about fabrics and it works.