Raster to Vector

Raster and vector one of the recent technological developments in digital world. Before talking about the conversion from raster to vector, let’s get a basic information about what the two terms are.

There are mainly two types of files in images:

  • Raster: Raster images are also called bitmaps. In creating raster images, the programs which are pixel based or in simple words are captured buy a camera or a scanner are used generally the most common image files in raster are of jpg, gif, png etc. These files are used in a large scale in world wide web. By using a raster program you will notice that it is quite similar to real life painting in which you actually use a brush and paint, painting in raster program feels same as that.
  • Vector: The vector images are created with the use of vector software. They are generally used for the images which are to be designed on a physical object. This program is also used to create 3D graphics designs made by engineers and CAD. The designs made in vector images are quite realistic as you also give an outline to the pictures. Designing in vector is quite common how many as designing portraits or particular features, like, eyes, nose, lips, etc.

Difference between the raster images and vector graphics

The following few points covers the basic differences between the two programs and even the advantages and disadvantages of both the programs:

  • Raster uses pixels whereas vector uses maths: As we mentioned earlier, raster programs use pixels to form different images and they cannot be scaled properly because as soon as you will increase the size of the image the image will lose its quality and the smaller the image the better is the quality with this program. The problem of resizing can be easily seen in raster images when you zoom them because when using a particular raster image you can easily see all the pixels getting apart and the resolution is a much bigger concern in the raster programs. On the other hand vector graphics are made with Complex and formula based mathematical equation and you can easily change their size according to your convenience without the fear of damage in the quality and no matter whether your picture is very large or very small the quality will always remain the best. Raster images are suitable when you want to show a specific image and need colour editing beyond the vector graphic. but with vector images you can go free on your mind from a  best piece of design to the biggest one.
  • Differences in size and type of the files:
    The most of the raster files are of names such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP etc. On the other hand the vector graphics are in the file names such as, AI, CDR,

Apart from these differences in both the programs sometimes, it may be the case that a picture might appear same on both raster and vector. The images which have radiation of one colour to the other one are Search images which Look totally different because in vector programs there are different shapes for different colours. For the matter of fact, in many cases even vector programs also create gradients in a single shape but most of the people are unaware of the fact that the effects are actually raster ones. Many vector programs have the elements of both vector and raster programs and they are not considered for the graphics in which cent percent vector art is required.

Benefits of vector graphics

Vector graphics are surely better than raster ones and therefore we have some benefits of using vector programs for different types of graphics:

  • There are scalable graphics in vector program: Vector graphics are generally independent of the resolution because they are not made by using pixel programs. The vector graphics are also known as object graphics and as the basic nature of the vector programs says that they are generally designed to get printed on a physical object therefore they are scalable and can be at any size. Unlike, raster graphics they do not change their quality because pixels are not involved in their creation.
  • Editing is quite simple in vector:
    Vector programs are known for their adaptability because they can easily be converted into graphics with limited colour from multi colour ones. Embroidery generally requires limited colour graphics in many designs such as, stencil cut, vinyl signs and many more. Such designs are also required in many different types of professional items like, printing on cups, pens, bottles, vases and many more.
  • Provides outlining feature which is also known as Wireframe: Vector graphics are very versatile in creating outline of every particular object. Therefore, it really helps in providing outline of any picture. The wireframe feature is useful for some companies because it helps in guiding them to design graphics for their products. More over the demand of vector program is also hai because they give best results with the least complexities while creating designs and graphics in them.

Uses of vector images

  • Used for creating different types of logos of a company or a brand.
  • Used in making different types of illustrations required in different work fields.
  • It is also widely used for drawing technical graphics in creating different kinds of speciality science and printing.
  • It is also used for engraving a particular design into a physical product.
  • It is widely used in Engineering for designing different kinds of products 3D graphics and CAD.

Conversion of Raster graphics to vector graphics

Vector art provides digitalise graphics which looks realistic and a simple photograph can be change into vector which is later on used in embroidery services. Embroidery with the help of vector is made possible by using different kinds of digital weaving strategies.

Embroidery in the vector program is it created by forming different articles of cloth and then different textures are used in weaving. There are different types of administrations which uses vector programs for the digitized embroidery and weaving processes. There are several companies or associations available on the Internet who offer vector programs for embroidery and you can choose from several digital designs and can for the rules according to your suitability. There are also many local companies who provide digitised embroidery services using vector graphics and it eventually depends on the person that whether he want to look for associations available on the Internet all want to look for some local shops or companies for that purpose.

The use of vector program in embroidery services is not as much as Complex it sounds in fact it is quite easy.

Following are a few points which you must keep in mind when you use vector program for weaving purpose:

  • Collect the particular artwork which you are supposed to weave on a particular fabric or an outfit of your own choice.
  • There are different types of artworks which can be easily accessed such as different types of realistic graphics or even ethnic designs.
  • The design or the type of fabric or outfit you choose will vary from company to company because of different demands of different people.
  • Either you can go for starting your digitised embroidery service getting started up on the world wide web because most of the people choose for online craftsmanship because of the convenient it provides.